Sunday, January 15, 2006

51 reasons to blog

There doesn’t seem much point in waiting until the end of the year before comparing one’s performance against New Year resolutions – it’s too late then for any recovery. No successful business would operate that way. So I decided to check up at more frequent intervals - for better control.
Let me tell you, on January 15, that 2006 is not looking good. OK, some are not doing badly. I’m on plan as far as weight loss, wife-beating (at Scrabble I should add), tax return completion and lunch-time wine drinking are concerned. But the unmitigated disaster is work: the target was 350 usable, sellable words a day, not including blogs. I‘ve barely achieved that in total. But at least I know now the area that needs attention. Problem, to find more time or adjust objectives?
Cutting out blogging would give me more time of course, but I’m just beginning to like it. Why? I don’t know – warm-up for serious writing; keyboard practice; PR; therapy; boasting; attracting sympathy – there are many reasons.
But I agree with Huxley that if anyone gives multiple reasons for anything, none of them is true, so I'll stop there. And 51 reasons is unreasonable, so sorry if I got your attention unfairly.
Next week: a piece for alcoholics called “There must be 50 ways to lose your liver”.

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