Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bring back Hadrian, the MacMafia are coming

[Re the Rahman case: the comment is valid. I should have made it more clear that what troubled me was absolutely not the Afghan government’s refusal to intervene in the verdict, but the law saying a person can be executed for converting to Christianity. Or any law based on religious bigotry. Especially if you are of the southern religious right and the law is the American Constitution as interpreted - in Roe v. Wade - by the Supreme Court.]

(I’ll be neither rowing nor wading this weekend. I’ll be enjoying bucolic Devon – on a dairy farm so remote that, to my readers’ relief – both of them - I won’t be blogging for a week.)

That’s not to say that we don’t have laws every bit as sinister as those of Afghanistan. My next post could well be datelined H. M. Prison Service, arrested under new laws making it a crime to criticize anything.
It’s about the Scottish Problem. First of all it is important to point out that I have nothing personally against Scots. I like all the ones I know and most that I don’t: Alan Hansen, Eddie Gray and many others, and I love the country. (I dislike only Gordon Brown and Alex Ferguson, so will the person in Stirling please keep reading.) My only objection is their excessive presence in England. Our heavily Scot-infiltrated government, in order to attract voters away from the Scottish National Party, gave Scotland its own parliament.
Not surprisingly, they voted themselves benefits – a nice new building, pay hikes, home care for the elderly, free university education, etc. - that the rest of Britain could not afford. English taxpayers thus finance perks for those across the border without themselves being entitled to them.
For the English, this would be a highly acceptable situation if it meant that the Scots would stay north of said border. But no – not only are they allowed to sit in the House of Commons, but they may vote on purely English matters, such as the structure of London’s Metropolitan Police. But surely, you say, English MPs can vote on Scottish matters, such as teachers’ salaries in Scotland? Sorry, no.
Not only are Scots over-represented in Britain's parliament, but, because we have a chameleon-like prime minister who takes on the nationality of those in his immediate vicinity and a Scottish Chancellor of the Exchequer – and next prime minister; they have surrounded themselves with a ministerial MacMafia from across that very Wall that, 2000 years ago, a Roman Emperor put up to keep them out.
It’s not surprising that they are deeply entrenched in the media – after all, the BBC was founded by a Scot – but so they are in literature, medicine and sport. Nowhere is immune: even Everton’s manager is a Scot, as is Big Duncan, their red-card-attracting striker.
It is not too late to remove them, but it soon will be. Already, many have discarded their kilts and swords and learned to speak and write British, like A. A. Gill. (At least RLS could write in Scots.) It will be a massive task, and will require subversion, bribery and blackmail. What’s Senator McCarthy doing these days? Or is he one of them?.

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Ed R said...

Can't help ya with the Scottish Problem, but I CAN tell you to have a nice trip to Devon!