Saturday, December 30, 2006

Robin's nest

From rainy, squally London to sunny Villefranche - 90 minutes. Sadly, it's only for a week as the DG is doing Henry Fonda duty next week. But we'll be back as soon as she's saved a few innocent men from the gallows.

No one would have noticed if their plane had not overshot the runway in Miami, but now it’s out.
Those famous free-loaders, the Blair family, have spurned Sir Cliff Richards’s humble Barbadian pad in favour of the altogether fancier Miami mansion of Robin Gibb, the falsetto BeeGee. They sponge off pop celebs because they can repay the debt at no personal cost. (The cadging couple have been reluctant to reveal the names of guests entertained at Chequers at taxpayers’ expense. When told he must tell, Blair said he would reveal all before the end of the year. Now he says he meant the end of the financial year - April 5 - by which time he'll be on his way out.)
Mrs Gibb – seen with Robin yesterday at Heathrow, presumably on the way to join their distinguished guests - said that the Blairs were not paying for the privilege, but this was hurriedly denied by Number 10. They didn’t say how much - just the odd peerage or knighthood I guess – plus a minor adjustment to the copyright laws.
Now that the secret is out, watch for the photo op with Tony and Robin in duet. (Tone, the hole goes at the front.)
Where to next year? Well, Bono just got an honorary knighthood, and - oh my god - he lives in Villefranche!


Ed R said...

I thought Bono lived in Dublin?!
Here's an article you might be interested in:

If it's not working, the Jazz Showcase in Chicago is closing.

riviera writer said...

You know I never let fact spoil a good story Ed. Yes, Bono's main residence is Dublin, but his French one is in Eze, just along the road from here.
Thanks for the news on the Jazz Showcase - a tragedy after so many years. I used to frequent another there but can't remember the name. Also a fabulous club in Minneapolis - on First I believe.

Ed R said...

It catches up to everything eventually, time.
I personally don't mind where Bono lives, I just thought he lived in Dublin because someone once made a big deal out of it in an articlew. THen I realized that that article was written years back and Bono may have moved since then.
I'd love to be able to live in Eze, or even Ease.