Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Take a good look

This is the top level of the Premier League on August 14, 2007, courtesy of the BBC, after two matches played:

Barclays Premier League : Table
14 Aug 21:53

Team Played Won Points
1 Everton 2 1 6
2 Newcastle 1 1 3
3 Man City 1 1 3
4 Chelsea 1 1 3
5 Arsenal 1 1 3
6 Blackburn 1 1 3

Pardon me if I gloat - it may not last very long and we have to make the most of it.


Cliff said...

And our team name begins with an E. That's got to come in handy come game four.

Ed R said...

I don't get it Cliff.
Ev-Er-Ton! Ev-Er-Ton!

riviera writer said...

Is it to do with the fact that if everything else is equal you use alphabetical order? What will we do about Arsenal? Will Bobby Zamora ever be top goal scorer?

wendy said...

Look out for Bill Kenwright on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire! And look out for me in the audience. I'm the one not pressing her button during Ask The Audience.

riviera writer said...

Thanks Wendy, I'll look out for you - and Bill.