Saturday, September 29, 2007

Equinoxial joy

It is post number 201 – there's a harvest moon and it's a time to make some new-century resolutions. I will try to be more positive. Henceforth I will not get annoyed when my book’s release date is postponed yet again – this time to November 1. (After all, some people do buy Xmas presents in January.) Even when my expensive anti-itch cream – please don’t ask – lists among its side-effects ‘may cause itching’, I shall not rant.
Neither will I complain that today’s Times, (printed on toilet paper in Marseilles), and costing three times more than the London one for a shadow of the original, does not contain a word about England’s spectacular win last night against Tonga in the Rugby World Cup, thus proving not only that it is extortionately over-priced and abridged, but out of date.
I will look on the bright side: there is some good news. Manchester United lost 2-0 to lowly Coventry; a kind Mr. Song of Hong Kong (reminds me that I once had a friend called Morris Boris Dorris) has promised to send me $7 million and all I have to do is send him my bank details. Like Candide, I will believe that this is the best of all possible worlds. Last night I called into the boulangerie for a slice of a tasty Provençal delicacy called pissaladière – a kind of onion tart. Nothing unusual there – it goes very well with Jack Daniel’s and would be a knock-out in Kentucky. Not quite hearing what the salesperson said, (she was very busy at the time, telling her colleague about the previous night’s date), I glanced at the cash register. It read ‘Piss: 2 Euros’.
That’s what you get for being optimistic - no more Pollyanna – curmudgeondom calls.


joe lance said...

Curmudgeondom is the dour land I call home as well. Jack Daniel's tastes a lot better in Tennessee, where it is made, than it does in Kentucky, where bourbon is the whiskey of choice.

Who am I kidding? Jack tastes good around the world. Enjoy, and best on getting your book out.

Ed R said...

My cousin is the marketing director for Jack Daniels in the entire Southwest of the USA. I was at his house today, he changed my starter motor for me while I watched. His flashlight is a MAG Lite with a Jack Daniels logo on it. His house has Jack Daniels gear all through it. He's a great guy and one of my best friends.
And I'd rather drink rum any day than Jack Daniels, but give me ice cold water over either.

riviera writer said...

Thanks for the correction Joe - as a devotee I should know about Lynchburg. My excuse is we had a Kentuckian guest the evening before and he talked at length about its distilleries and I made the transposition. But do I get points for putting the apostrophe in the right place?
Yes Ed, Jack is great for the marketing gizmos - so good we even purchase them. Neat shot glasses!