Friday, April 21, 2006

I told you they were reading my blog

No sooner had I published my last post than a deep-throated roar echoed across the bay and I went to the window to see – the US Navy vessel (name obscured) leaving port. Obviously they knew I was on to their fiendish plans and legged it off to – who knows? All I know is that they turned left at the end of the bay as if heading back to base in southern Italy - defeated by a superior mind. Watch this space for more details of the great RR v Rumsfeld face-off. Who will blink first?
Got some nice pix of the grandkids yesterday. The grandson looks a little man already – it’s a well known fact that grandkids grow even faster than your own kids did. Like his dad, he likes word-games; laughs helplessly when you give him a noun with a rhyming adjective – like say wonky donkey or smelly Wellie. They don’t even have to be real words – it’s the rhyme that counts, not the word.
When his dad was a kid he used to like father/son jokes. There was one that came from a cartoon in the Funnies section: father and son get on a magic carpet. Son says, ‘Let’s go to Baghdad’. Father says, ‘Where’s bag?’ Or father and son get on a bus. As it fills up the driver says ‘Would you move farther down the bus please?’ Son says (sorry, I know this is obvious): ‘Dad, move down the bus’.
Funny that - my dad would have liked that one too.


Ed R said...

Wow, who knew it took one look from you tpo chase off the US Navy? Good thing you're on OUR side eh?;)

ted said...

Well yes, but if you can let it be known in the Pentagon that I can be bought they may up the ante.

Cliff said...

Ed, can we organise a whip around and send him to Iraq?

How about it? Nice appartment overlooking Umm Qasr

Other said...

Where's Umm?

Ed R said...

I'll see what I can do, Cliff.

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