Monday, April 10, 2006

Nice is nice

I'm past commuting age, so don't have fellow-bussies to talk about. I travel on BA but not often enough to have fellow 'planies' - and would feel pretentious if I said 'This guy's always in seat 12C. He always takes the aisle, as his goal is to see how many gin-and-tonics one can order in one hour 40 minutes, because BA flight attendants are very reluctant to serve you a second alcoholic drink. (Oh sure. you can order them.) I know publicans like that.
Getting ready for a trip to my favourite place the name of which I forget, pulling the plug on the PC and stocking up on the sort of produce that is not available in the culinary centre of the universe: strong Cheddar cheese, good tea, marmalade, sesame and pumpkin seeds, sinus-clearing horse-radish, tongue-burning Norwich mustard, Tandoori, Karma and Creole sauces, Heinz baked beans and other indispensable aids to comfortable living. Also looking forward desparately to some of those 18 degrees promised by Accuweather - it snowed here yesterday.
Simone de Beauvoir said it better, as she slipped off for an adulterous rendezvous with Nelson Algren: 'I am looking forward to sun, silence, and time to work'. I can agree with that - and my rendezvous is legal.


Ed R said...

Well, have a nice time. Come back rested and relaxed, and have all sorts of fun that doesn't make you wish you hadn't in the morning.

ted said...

Thanks Ed, appreciate your pithy comments - must go now and pretend to be this - or is it this?

Ed R said...

Pithy? I was being SERIOUS!