Friday, June 30, 2006

All in a day’s cliché..

Went to our Town Hall today, and was attended by a very pleasant lady whose pen had an England flag on it – as also did every one of her fingernails - passed a white Mercedes on the way with The Flag painted all over it. It looked like an ambulance. All symptoms of how worried we are about the outcome of tomorrow’s game against Portugal. (For strangers’ information, the Portuguese coach has already knocked England out of the World Cup – in 2002 when he was coach of the Brazil team – which then went on to win.)
When reminded of this fact in an interview this morning, the England captain, David Beckham, was moved to hitherto unattained flights of oratory: ‘What’s past is in the past at the end of the day’, he said. ‘We’re quietly confident.’ (Personally I think it’s time we reminded them that it was us who kicked Napoleon out of their country.)
Speaking of clichés, have you noticed it with weather forecasters? ‘Spits and spots’ of rain, showers ‘few and far between’ - they’re given a bag of clichés before they go on camera to see how many they can squeeze into the forecast. (The French ones are the same.)

Don’t you hate words that stick together
Like chocolate biscuits in hot weather?
Those adjectives which, I submit
Are stuck with nouns they should have quit.
Are all tones dulcet, mercies tender?
All reapers grim and hopes all slender?

Got to go now to see if Argentina beats Germany. We play the winner - if we beat Portugal that is.


Cliff said...

Very nice - did you write that?

Also - hate to correct you - we play the winner of the Brazil v France game. We can only meet Germany in the final.

Ed R said...

I don't care who it is, it's Engerland's Cup this year.
If Portufal doesn't wound any of your players, that is.

Brazil is good, they will be the team you have to beat. You do that, its cake from then on.

Ed R said...

Germany beat Argentina but Argentina really made them work for it- Germany's exhausted.

riviera writer said...

Yes to both, Cliff. See you tomorrow for The Game.
Thanks Ed - I agree - not scared of Germany, only of Brazil. But Engerland could sure use some of your belief.

Ed R said...

IT's available for rental , with a non-refundable security deposit. I'll throw in the Marguerita Machine but they'll have to buy the mix.

riviera writer said...

Deal, Ed. You take American Express? Hey guess what? The Portuguese defender, Valente, plays for
- Everton. If he wants to go back there he knows what to do!

Ed R said...

Two shockers today- I never saw the French beating Brazil, and I have NO idea how Portugal beat Engerland.

I'm sorry.

riviera writer said...

The flags have been taken down and the Mercedes is being repainted - probably in German colours.
Thanks for the commiserations Ed - guess we didn't deserve it in the end. And the kid wearing the Scottish flag beat Roddick!
A bad day all round, but with one consolation - that's the last we'll see of the disastrous Sven.