Thursday, June 29, 2006

It may be tennis, but it certainly ain't cricket

Three statements you should never believe:
1. I’m from the Inland Revenue and I’m here to help you;
2. Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning; and
3. The press have blown this out of all proportion.
The last is a quote from Andrew Murray, the Scottish tennis player famous for saying he would support any team playing against England in the World Cup. (E-mail on his website: ‘Andy, I won’t mind your supporting every team playing against England if you won’t mind my supporting everyone playing against you at Wimbledon’.) Not only has the McWhimp, who walked off the court tonight in his game against Julien Benneteau (plural of Beneton?) saying he’d had enough – which is not only unsporting but illegal - not withdrawn his remark, but he played today in a sweatband bearing the Scottish flag.
That’s cool - as everyone knows, I bear no animosity against the McMafia. I’m happy for them to enjoy the benefits of membership of the United Kingdom without accepting any of the responsibilities.


Ed R said...

Wasn't MacEnroe the McWhimp once? No, wait, he was the MacBrat.

riviera writer said...

You're right Ed - but now Big Mac is a respected BBC commentator we had to find a home-grown brat.

Ed R said...

It happens every now and again, I suppose.