Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cut off in its

This is the logo of the Chilean Everton. They were founded - well of course - by a fellow-expatriate scouse and are known as 'Los Ruleteros'. Apparently it means roulette wheel. I sometimes think our Everton plays like that. But we won 2-0 on Saturday.

My blog passed 50,000 words last week - since January. I don’t mean ‘passed’ in the physiological sense – or do I? – but it was a very sobering moment. I mean, that’s half a novel. So why haven’t I written half a novel? I know blogging is more fun and more sociable, but the end result is, as the man said when his wife caught him in bed with a dwarf, I’ve decided to cut down for a while. Who knows, in ten months’ time I may have written half a novel.
So here goes with the new, fast-track, economy-size bog:

I had this great post I was going to do on Friday 13th, and forgot. Now I’ll have to wait until January – by which time I’ll have forgotten what it was again.

My study is on the ground floor. The kitchen is on what Americans call the second and the* civilized world the first floor. In the kitchen is a cookie jar that makes a very distinctive sound when you remove the lid. We also keep the sugar in a matching pot.
The DG very kindly brings me a mid-morning and mid-afternoon cup of tea with a chocolate digestive biscuit. It’s a very cosy arrangement, (well, for me anyway). So no problem, you would think - and normally there isn’t.
But sometimes, when I’m working, she decides to replenish the sugar bowl. Immediately, my digestive juices start to flow and I sit here slavering like one of Pavlov’s dogs – when it’s not tea-time. How can you work with a mouse-pad covered in saliva?
Answers on a postcard, marked ‘Conditioned Reflexes’.

* I deliberately left out ‘rest of the’ – just for fun.


Anonymous said...

The DG?

ted said...

Domestic Goddess

gillie said...

... earplugs

ted said...


Ed R said...

Simple simple solution. Move the cookie jar upstairs.

ted said...

But that's the sound I like. Can she put the sugar pot upstairs?
Though cookies in bed mught be nice...