Monday, October 30, 2006

Only in Texas

As we approached the departure gate for our (wrong) flight, you could hear a buzz of excited chat like a passing squad of colourfully-clad French cyclists.
Which I suppose it almost was in a way. The whole of the rest of the passenger load was taken up by aging Texan couples festooned in the iconography of Harley Davidson: HD T-shirts, HD sweatshirts, HD bomber jackets and, of course, HD baseball caps. I presume their nightwear is similarly emblazoned.
I keep expecting to hear a horde of hired Harleys hubble-bubbling along the coast road, but they haven’t appeared so far. Probably still looking for their luggage - (American Airlines this time, not BA).

Talking about Texas, I know everything’s bigger there, but I think this is a commode too far. It's about the Great John Toilet Company of Loredo - I see they’re advertising ‘the ultimate WC for modern Americans’. It has 150% more contact area on the seat, an extra wide base to prevent tipping, ‘unique side wings (whatever they are) to prevent pinching’. And here's the killer: it supports loads up to 2,000lbs, or 143 stone. I like that 'no tipping' - I never do except in France, where you have to.

Which reminds me, if anyone in the US is reading this, Delta are running a competition, the prize for which is a round trip JFK/Nice. Here’s the link. Good luck.


Ed R said...

I'm in on teh contest, out on the HArleys.
THere are so many people here in TExas that enjoy 'riding their hogs' that it's a weekend sport. Most of them don't belong on motorcylces in traffic. Riding a Harley doesn't really giv eyou any more cache than you would have had already.

This is all Malcom Forbes' fault.

Ed R said...

Or Ken Kesey's!

And when were you in Texas?! And you didn't look me up!

RW said...

Kesey sounds like someone I'd like to have met. Not sure about Malcolm - though once did a trip on Highlander (just before it got burned up).
Wouldn't think of not looking you up - got rellies in west Texas but haven't seen most of them in 30 years.