Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't talk to me about Tesco today

I was mentally writing a blog in praise of Tesco - the gist of which was to recall how we used to flock to France to enjoy the wonderful supermarkets, but how they have been completely overtaken by the likes of Sainsburys and Tesco, whose stores are cleaner, quieter and more efficient, and whose staff are infinitely more polite and helpful than Carrefour and Champion.
That was until this morning, when Tesco were supposed to deliver our Christmas wine order between 9 and 11. Around 11.10, as there was no sign of them, we had to go out, and when I got home I rang for another delivery date. John in the warehouse said they had tried to deliver at 11.15 and my order had now been off-loaded and I would now have to place another order.
A long harangue about systems that are designed for warehouses and not customers, and how the fault surely lay with Tesco and not me, left John adamant - except that he would give me a £5 discount on the re-order (less than 2% of its cost). Anyone who has had to place a long wine order with Tesco will know how insulting that offer is.
So, I'm sorry if there won't be any Champagne for you this year. And sorry Mr. T., I won't be writing my eulogy just yet.
Which way is Calais?


Ed R said...

Since you wrote this yesterday, can I talk to you about Tesco today or is it still off-limits?
IT isn't that I have anything to say about Tesco, I was just curious abnd I hadn't left you a comment in some time so there we are.

gillie said...

Ed - glad you broke the ice using the T word, I was a bit nervous, particularly as I use Tesco delivery (not just for wine) frequently and successfully ..... my other half says I use them purely because of the delivery man ...... you should just see the muscles on him !!... excuse me while I place another order online.