Monday, January 21, 2008

Fœtal attraction

There’s a story in today’s paper about a woman who is about to become the UK record-holder in surrogate motherhood. She planned to get out of the womb-rental business after number seven, but has now decided she doesn’t like not being pregnant, so is going for the record. Phil Wallis, chairman of something called the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Committee said, “We have to make sure women are not psychologically damaged as a result of surrogacy.” The mass-producing Mum, who doesn’t want children but charges £12,000 a pop to hatch them, said, “I wish I was ten years younger so I could fit more in”. Looks like it’s too late, Mr Wallis.

It’s crisis time in Jones Towers. No, I’m not blogging again, honest. I just had to publish this while it’s still true: after their win at Wigan yesterday, Everton are now FOURTH. More importantly, that puts them above Liverpool! You’ll appreciate the urgency when I tell you that Liverpool play Aston Villa in 2½ hours’ time. So what’s the crisis, you ask.
The crisis is that the DG supports Liverpool.


Ed R said...

I have a good friend who supports Aston Villa.
Could Be Trouble Sports Fans.

riviera writer said...

Hi Ed - did you hear the result? They drew 2-2, which means Blues are still fourth.
Tom Hanks mentioned Aston Villa the other day. Interviewer said Do you support them? No, said Hanks - just like the name. Guess it is cute name - tho I bet there not too many villas in downtown Birmingham!

Anonymous said...

I have a certain amount of sympathy with paid baby-hatchers. I'm GREAT at being pregnant. I love it. I bloom. No sickness, no indigestion. Okay, maybe a TINY bit of incontinence (glad I stopped by? :D), but only when I coughed or laughed too hard, and it gave my friend Ashley something to laugh at, so all good.

But I'm no good at babies. I'm rubbish if my sleep's interrupted and all they do is CRY and make demands.

So - I could enjoy pregnancy, get through the birth bit, then hand the little 'un over in exchange for cash AND make the other person happy.

Hmm. 40 (years old - not children) this year. Too late? Could be a whole new career...

riviera writer said...

Not too late. This lady's 43, Wends, so you could have at least 4 - not counting multiples - if you hurry, ('All they do is cry and make demands' eh? Nothing changes then?)

Ed R said...

I did hear the result, yes. From an Aston Villa fan. He was not happy.

I think you have to go to Solihull for those cute villas. Downtown Brummy is all enclosed pubs and clubs now.