Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello, goodbye

It hasn’t been a good year so far: Everton were put out of the FA Cup yesterday – by a team 62 places below them.

The more perceptive will have noticed – but don’t feel inadequate if you didn't - that the word ‘photograph’ in the previous post is the 100,000th word of this blog. It’s a milestone of sorts: it also marks the second anniversary of the start of the blog – on Twelfth Night, 2006. More significantly, it’s about the length of the average novel, which means that if I had decided two years ago to put the same amount of effort into a book, it would be ready to go right now – whereas in fact I don't have a book, and have made negative progress on the one I was working on. By “negative” I don’t mean zilch; I mean worse than zilch: I’m further away than I was two years ago because a lot of the earlier research has gone stale and will have to be done again.
The review of my 2006 resolutions to see how actual performance compared hasn't exactly been cheering either. I make it 100%: 100% failure. Failed to improve on score rate against the formidable Moll at Scrabble; didn’t get weight down (though it isn’t up either); but the most abject failure of all was Resolution One: to produce 2,500 usable, sellable words a week. I didn’t reach that many in the year. Hence the goodbye – but I hope it’s au revoir as I’ve made the same resolution for 2008, and if I make it, I'll be back.
So this New Year’s Resolution One is to have another try at giving up the blog. If, after 100,653 words, 6,537 visits and 10,096 page views, I had had anything blogworthy to say and still haven’t said it, then it isn’t worth saying. So that’s it – cold turkey. Finish. Regrets? (I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention.) Yes, lots of them – it has been great fun and I’ve met some wonderful people. Do I hear you say, "dilettante bloggers, they never last - but he'll be back?" I hope you're right. Till then have a great year.


Cliff said...

It's been a pleasure. I'll keep checking just in case you come back. what about smaller posts less often?

Anonymous said...

I dunno. You Joneses. I just hope you have no staying power, that's all.


Good luck, Ted. Although I'll miss popping in and out of your blog, I hope the time you spend not blogging allows you to achieve your goals.

justin said...

Wishing you a fantastic 2008, Ted.
I've enjoyed reading your blog.
Please would you let me know if you return to blogging (by leaving a comment on my site)?

Ed R said...

It's wacky but this didn't show for me until today.
Ted, you do what you need to do. You'll be missed.

riviera writer said...

Four comments? Must retire more often.
Thanks Cliff, I'll keep it in mind.
Thanks Wend, I'll do my best - as soon as I've finished that annual creative writing challenge: the Tax Return.
Thanks Justin, I'll do that
Thanks Ed. I'll do a progress post - if there's any progress.
Thanks All, off to Villefranche tomorrow in search of inspiration.
Miss you guys too. Have a great '08.