Monday, July 17, 2006

Breath-catching moments at Lord’s

Spent the whole of a sunny Sunday at Lord’s, the home of cricket, watching Day Four of the England/Pakistan Test match. After the recent histrionics of World Cup football it was great to see people enjoying nationism-free sport - for the fun of it. It must be the last sport in which everyone wears exactly the same uniform: all white.
Turning to my left during a rare lull in play I saw the only other person on the pitch apart from players and umpires: an artist painting them. At an international cricket match! (How does he get them to stand still? And how would we know?)
The beauty of a five-day match is that when you get home on days 1,2,3 or 4, someone always says ‘Who won?’ (We’ll know tonight.)
But it doesn’t matter a lot. England’s captain is off injured, as is the stand-in captain – but no matter, the stand-in for the stand-in (pinch-hitter) scored 138 runs. Our star swing bowler (a kind of knuckle-ball exponent) is also off injured, but the stand-ins did well and of course the game will depend on them in the end.
But a great day, meeting up with old Aussie friends and consuming copiously of chilled beer and Côte du Rhone.
Can’t wait to know who wins.


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Gillie said...

After all that beer and wine would you even remember being there, let alone which teams were playing ....

Ed R said...

That's why they assemble in crowds, so they can remind each other;)
WHose innings?

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