Friday, July 28, 2006

Only in America

It’s all happening in the USA right now. Tony Blair is on his way to Washington (George needs a shine), competing serial killers are loose in Phoenix, three British bankers suspected of skulduggery in the Enron affair are in Houston, France Today published my article on Villefranche-sur-Mer - and Yes! Everton are in Dallas.
The competing killers are running neck and neck, having scored five and six respectively. If it were here William Hill would be running a book on them.
The point about the expat bankers is not whether or not they are the world’s biggest sleazeballs – the US courts are no less competent than ours to decide that, and probably less venal. The point is whether the three should be in Houston at all. They are there because American courts can demand the extradition of Brits without the intervention of a British court, while British courts can not call for extradition of American suspects without the approval of an American judge.
But I doubt if that’s what Tony will be discussing with George today (or Condoleeza if George is busy) - it’s not a matter that Rupert Murdoch feels strongly about. Nor will they discuss the appropriate number of Lebanese civilians who have to be killed before they can discuss a cease-fire. It’s either to ask him to stop addressing Britain's elected leader as ‘Yo Blair’ - or to ask for our colony back.
Yes, the Blues will be kicking off against the Mexican Club America on Sunday afternoon at the internationally renowned Pizza Hut Park in Dallas. Ticketing arrangements are ‘Show up at the gate’. Hurry before it sells out.
As further evidence of American good taste, the San Francisco magazine France Today ran my Villefranche story last month.
Hurry before it sells out.


Ed R said...

I'll have a look-see into the Phoenix twin serial killers thing, that sounds interesting. Think it's a competition between the two of them?
I will also endeavor to find a copy of your article in 'France Today'. Ought to be MUCH more interesting than the serial killers thing.

Everton here in Dallas! Now THAT'S worth standing in the 100+ degree heat to watch!
Unfortunately, I'll be some 60 miles away at my folk's house wishing I were at Pizza Hut Park.

Gillie said...

come on Ed ... it's ONLY 60 miles ... ONLY your folks ... ONLY 100+ - sounds pretty weak excuses to me for missing out on Everton!

riviera writer said...

Hi Ed, I can .pdf you a copy of the magazine if you'd like - the article's only two pages but I don't know how to separate them from the rest so would have to send the whole nine yards ie 5meg.
Don't go to Pizza Hut Park - the food will be better at your folks' place, and we're not at our best in 100+degrees. Everton don't really get going until December.
(And I was partly right - George was much more respectful to our leader. And there's to be no cease-fire.)
Go, Blues!!!