Friday, July 21, 2006

Lady with the Lamp

‘Absolutely appalling service level on both legs of the journey. The seats were exactly the same as the tiny ones in economy. The food was some dreadful salmon thing with chocolate (I use the term loosely) dessert. The crew were unfriendly to the point where they were almost offensive.’
This, quoted by was the experience of Mr. Wallace, a Business Class passenger between London Gatwick and Tallinn, on Estonia Air. I mention it because I’m making the same trip with Estonia Air this afternoon – in Economy.
The plan - if I survive the air trip - is an artistic, architectural and culinary weekend in the town – which I’ve never visited before – plus a quick trip across to Helsinki. The DG will be doing a Florence Nightingale
Fingers crossed for both.


Ed R said...

Have a good trip and a safe flight. I think lots of people will tell you that any flight you can walk away from can be considered a good one.

riviera writer said...

It was, Ed. See next post.